The rise of the “Chicago School” in the 1970s completely upended traditional, “big-is-bad” antitrust enforcement theory. Robert Bork (yes, that Robert Bork), in his seminal work, The Antitrust Paradox, argued that the intention of antitrust laws was the pursuit of maximizing consumer welfare, and nothing more.  In other words, only a few acts should be prohibited


Mark Zuckerberg announced in a video featured at the Facebook Connect 2021 augmented and virtual reality conference at the end of October that Facebook’s parent company, Facebook, Inc., would be changing its name to Meta Platforms, Inc.  The video contained an explanation and demonstration of Zuckerberg and Meta’s ambitions for the “metaverse.”  It also featured


We all know that social media platforms like Facebook gather data (and metadata) about us while we absent-mindedly scroll-click-scroll, but do we really know how much data those companies collect and the significance of that stockpile? A quick look at Facebook’s data policy will show you that Facebook collects virtually everything about you, from the