This week, the Supreme Court will review a novel matter that could dramatically change the landscape of contemporary art law. The controversy surrounds the applicability of the “transformative use” standard in copyright law, a category of the fair use defense to copyright infringement. If the transformative use standard is overturned by this decision, artists’ freedom of


In August 2014, Taylor Swift released her hit song “Shake It Off,” which has now been viewed on YouTube more than three billion times. However, although this song would go on to break records and garner critical acclaim, it also subjected Swift to a potential trial. In 2017, songwriters Sean Hall and Nathan Butler filed


Copyrights are broad forms of intellectual property that are given legal protection once the author transforms the work into a “tangible form of expression.” Hence, books, photos, songs, movies, artwork, and other types of expression are subject to copyright protection. With the existence of platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, it is increasingly easy for


Since Olivia Rodrigo’s smash-hit debut album Sour was released in May, she has repeatedly faced plagiarism accusations. In response, she retroactively granted songwriting credits to the songwriters whom she allegedly plagiarized. This has happened not once, not twice, but a shocking three times so far. First, she granted songwriting credits to Taylor Swift and Jack