Legal Innovation Contest

NC JOLT’s 1st Annual Legal Innovation Contest


The Winning Article:

·         First Place: The winning article will be published in a special edition of the North Carolina Journal of Law and Technology.  Each winning article will be accompanied by the student’s photo, biography, contact information, law school logo, and any necessary copyright disclosures.

·         In exceptional cases, the judges may select one or more papers to receive an honorable mention.


Official Guidelines

To win, your article has to be logically rigorous and substantive, as well as engaging and entertaining. Ideally, non-lawyers should be able to understand and enjoy the article, while lawyers should find it useful and insightful.


Eligibility and Topic:

·         J.D. students of any year-group (1L, 2L, or 3L) from an ABA-accredited law school

·         Any topic involving the intersection of law and technology



·         Your article must be an unpublished, original submission. NC JOLT reserves the right to publish in print or digital all or part of the essay or abstract at its discretion.

·         Articles must be no more than 20 pages in length, including footnotes.

·         Articles must use Times New Roman 12pt font, be double spaced, and conform to The Chicago Manual of Style (14th Ed.) and The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (20th Ed.).

·         Citations should be footnoted, and must use Times New Roman 10pt font.

·         Only one submission per student will be considered.

Required Information:

·         Full name of author (First, Middle, and Last)

·         Contact information for author, including e-mail address and phone number

·         School name and mailing address

·         A .doc or .docx file containing your article – PDFs and other document formats are not acceptable



Factors that will be considered during judgment include:

·         Clarity, style, and poise of writing

·         Originality of topic

·         Thoroughness of research and quality of analysis

·         Comprehensibility by lay and professional audiences


Article Submission:

·         Submissions should be e-mailed to

·         All submissions must be received before midnight on December 31, 2018 in order to be considered.

·         Please include all required information in a cover sheet on the submitted document (the cover sheet does not count against page limit).

·         A panel of editors will carefully review each submission and contact authors when publication decisions are made.