Artificial intelligence (A.I.) is at yet another crossroads, but this time it is with artists and their creations. Earlier this month, three artists initiated a lawsuit against Stability AI, DevianArt, and Midjourney, which are some of the leading A.I. generator companies currently in the market. The lawsuit alleges copyright infringement because these companies have been using images of the


Along with hundreds of thousands of other travelers, my Southwest flight got canceled during the holidays. A winter storm caused trouble for all airlines, but Southwest accounted for more than 80% of them. Even days after the storm passed, Southwest continued to cancel thousands of flights.  During those tenuous few days, journalists began discussing the open secret behind the meltdown: Southwest’s outdated scheduling


The United States government has taken more interest in mobile payment applications. Mobile payment companies are increasing in size year after year. The United States government is interested in maximizing its share through the most efficient revenue-creating source they have, taxes. A change to the taxation of mobile transactions is on the horizon, and the


In recent weeks, Russia has employed en masse so-called “kamikaze drones” in its war with Ukraine. The drones, supplied by Iran and under the manufacture name “Shahed-136” have been sent out in waves, inflicting damage on the Ukrainian military as well as residential buildings and critical civilian infrastructure. In this piece, I will discuss first the nature and use


In today’s world, automated technologies are becoming ubiquitous in every aspect of our lives. From autonomous vehicles to artificial intelligence (AI) systems that can diagnose diseases in patients, automated technologies are driving innovation. Yet, along with the evolution of these technologies comes threats to the rights of the American public.  To begin addressing these issues,