December 7, 2020

Innovation, in particular, technology-based innovation, is the key driver for both economic competitiveness and national security. Other nations, with interests adverse to the United States, recognize this fact. In an increasingly interconnected world, nation states seek to accumulate innovation prowess, and hence economic strength as a key element of their geopolitical power. Improving the living conditions of one’s citizens is a justifiable and laudable goal. However, especially savvy nation states, such as China, also pursue such ends as a mechanism to influence or diminish the national security and geopolitical power of the United States. These actions also threaten the post-WWII liberal economic order and worldwide peace and security. There is no need to inflict upon the world the carnage of war if geopolitical aims can be achieved via alternative competitive means.

This particular form of competitive strategy pursued by adversarial nation states and the targeting of America’s innovation ecosystem can be labeled: “Innovation Warfare.” Innovation Warfare is further defined as an executable doctrine with specific strategic goals and elements. The articulation of this doctrine is believed to be new and novel.

Authors: Jeanne Suchodolski, Suzanne Harrison, & Bowman Heiden


Volume 22, Issue 2