Towards a Cybersecurity Policy Model: Israel National Cyber Bureau Case Study

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Volume 16, Issue 3 (Apr 2015)

Designing and implementing a cybersecurity legal policy is an ambitious endeavor. This Article offers primary guidelines focusing on the national level, and uses Israel’s newly created National Cyber Bureau as a case in point. Additionally, this Article offers a cross-section comparison between the national cybersecurity policies of the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, and the Netherlands. It further introduces additional considerations including the balancing of cybersecurity with civil liberties, cybercrime policy, adherence to international law and international humanitarian law, forms of regulation (technological standards, legislation, courts, markets, and norms), and prevalent forms of cooperation (intra-governmental, regional, public-private platform, and inter-governmental). Ultimately, this Article could facilitate academic-government cooperation in the design of an archetypical cybersecurity policy model for countries henceforth.

Daniel Benoliel, Towards a Cybersecurity Policy Model: Israel National Cyber Bureau Case Study, 16 N.C. J.L. & Tech. 435 (2015), available at

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