The Security and Privacy In Your Car Act: Will It Actually Protect You?

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Volume 18, Online Edition (Apr 2017)

On July 21, 2015, in light of emerging technology involving autonomous driving vehicles, the United States Senate proposed Senate Bill 1806, or the Security and Privacy in Your Car Act, to address issues surrounding these technologies. The “SPY Car Act” attempts to address issues surrounding cybersecurity, data privacy, and hacking of autonomous driving vehicles. The Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation is currently analyzing the SPY Car Act. If enacted, this bill could pave the way for the autonomous driving vehicle industry to be effectively regulated. Although this bill has its shortcomings, it is a good start to the conversation regarding the privacy and security concerns associated with autonomous driving vehicles.

Benjamin L. Bollinger, The Security and Privacy In Your Car Act: Will It Actually Protect You?, 18 N.C.J.L. & Tech. On. 214 (2017),

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