Trans-Lunar Jurisdiction: What if one of the 8 passengers (all artists) commits a crime during SpaceX’s commercial flight around the moon?

SpaceX announced that the world’s first private passengers will fly around the moon in the largest reusable rocket ever to be built, the BFR. (Big Falcon Rocket)  For an as yet undisclosed amount, Japanese businessman Yusaku Maezawa purchased all of the seats on the rocket for the trip around the moon, and will be choosing

Hurricane Florence Puts Coal Ash Back in Headlines – why the legislature should require recycling of all coal ash across the state sooner rather than later

As the North Carolina coast was battered by the unprecedented Hurricane Florence, a coal ash pond at Duke Energy’s Sutton Plant in Wilmington, N.C. collapsed displacing over 2,000 cubic yards of coal ash into nearby water ways. At the time of this writing, “he company has not yet determined whether the weir that drains the

Rad versus Bad Trademarks

A trademark includes any word, symbol, or combination thereof which constitutes a brand name. Brands are an essential part of everyday life that allow us to distinguish item sources, set price expectations, and quality expectations. Brand recognition allows consumers to hold the brand accountable, which in turn incentivizes the safety of a manufacturer’s product. To

The End of Digital Discrimination? Suit Against Apple May Force Websites into ADA Compliance

Less than a month ago, Himelda Mendez, a legally blind individual, filed a lawsuit against Apple over the accessibility of Apple’s website.. In her complaint, Mendez alleges that Apple’s stores are places of “public accommodation” within the meaning of Title III of the ADA, and that the website is a “service, privilege, or advantage”

Hurricane Florence Lays Waste to North Carolina Hog Farms

When Hurricane Florence was first predicted to make landfall in Eastern North Carolina earlier this month, Governor Roy Cooper issued the unprecedented action of ordering state-mandated evacuations for many ENC residents. But in one county alone, 2.9 million residents stayed put: the hogs of Duplin County, N.C. Riding out the storm with them? Their waste.

Amazon: Too “Tech-y” For Products Liability?

First-year law students around the United States learn in their introductory torts classes that any entity in the manufacturing, distribution, or retail chain of a defective product can be held liable for injuries that result from that defective product.  But, in a recent ruling from the Southern District of New York, Amazon was relieved of