Internet Governance & Politics: The Transition to ICANN

During this campaign season fraught with major policy and political discussions, a historic Internet transition is flying under the radar, despite the attempts of Senator Ted Cruz and others to stop it. If you stopped someone on the street and asked who governs the internet or how your computer can find any website in the

FBI vs. The Dark Web

The Fourth Amendment guarantees a right to privacy… or so we all thought.  In the recent string of Playpen cases pending now across the United States, this issue has arisen after the discovery of thousands of users of the child pornography website.  Was the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) able to legally hack into private

NHTSA Policies for Autonomous Vehicles Provide a Crucial First Step in the Widespread Adoption of Driverless Cars

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced this past week a policy framework that will guide the development of future federal autonomous or driverless automobiles. The policy is being released as agency guidance as opposed to rulemaking in order to create an initial, flexible regulatory framework to guide manufacturers and other entities. The NHTSA,

Wearable Tech: Dream or Nightmare?

With a majority of Americans not performing enough aerobic exercise, there has been a recent push for better physical fitness. Enter: wearable technology. The trend has taken over the market: Google is spending money on tech glasses, Apple created a watch to go along with its smartphone. But the most popular of this wearable tech

The Drones Are Coming! The Drones Are Coming!… Or Maybe Not

FAA’s Latest Drone Regulations Undercut Commercial Drone Delivery Viability Drones are the future of fast, efficient, and environmentally friendly delivery. Imagine a world where drones simply dropped your packages, school supplies, or groceries right on your doorstep. Gone would be the days of giant UPS or Fedex trucks lumbering up and down every street in

State-sponsored Monopoly: How North Carolina is Crushing Internet Competition and Hurting Rural

Most North Carolina residents have experienced frustration with their lack of options when it comes to Internet Service Providers (ISP’s). And although this issue is common throughout the country, it is particularly problematic in North Carolina. In response to this problem, Wilson, NC decided in 2006 to create their own municipal high speed fiber network

Daily Fantasy Sports: A Pulse Check

At the beginning of last year’s NFL season, it seemed like you couldn’t watch football for ten minutes without finding yourself bombarded with advertising for the two largest daily fantasy sports websites operating in the United States, FanDuel and DraftKings. This aggressive advertising campaign triggered a high profile look at the relatively new world of

Starving Songwriters? DOJ’s New Mandate Poses a Major Dilemma for Musical Artists

What would happen if songwriters boycotted writing music? The Songwriters of North America, a songwriters’ advocacy organization, has filed a complaint against the U.S. Department of Justice, claiming that the agency created a new “100 percent mandate” rule that will prohibit multiple authors from fractioning their share of a song for licensing purposes. This is

See What I See: Virtual Reality as a Conduit for Empathy and Criminal Justice Reform

Slip on a pair of goggles and virtual reality can send you anywhere. One second you’re in your living room furnished with that couch you found on the corner of the street and the next you’re touring Los Angeles or right there in the 2016 NBA finals watching LeBron James lead Cleveland to victory. Now,