Thanks to the DMCA, Your Right to Repair May Actually Just Be an “Alternative Right”

I’m sure you’ve all seen the “check-engine” light come on in your car or on your motorcycle, and I’m sure you’ve wanted to get it checked out and removed as quickly as possible, partly due to caring about your vehicle, but mostly because those lights are annoying. Or maybe you’re the tinkering type and wanted

Trump’s “Immigration Ban” and the Tech Companies’ Response

The 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, has recently caused quite a stir in not only the country but also the large technology companies across the world. One of Trump’s most recent executive orders, the so-called “Immigration Ban”, has technology companies reacting in a variety of different ways. There have already been responses

Should Apple Prevent InTEXTicated Driving?

In a move that will surely make millions of phone obsessed Millennials shriek out in horror, a class action suit has been filed against Apple alleging the company has had the ability to prevent iPhone owners from texting and driving since 2008. The complaint states that Apple has elected not to include the technology in

Settlement Break for Star Trek Fan

YouTube provides creators the great ability to express themselves on an online forum. But what happens when what the creators produce constitutes copyright infringement? YouTube tends to be a breeding ground for copyright infringement claims. In fact, Google, the company which owns YouTube, has recently published its own “Transparency Report,” which shows that from September

Why Can’t We Be Friends? The Battle Between FBI and Tech Continues

It seems like just yesterday the FBI was taking legal action to force Apple to unlock the San Bernardino terrorist’s iPhone. Ultimately, in the case, the FBI found a way to unlock the phone and no longer needed Apple’s help. But, as a previous blog by Rhian Mayhew pointed out, although the “tension between the FBI

How ‘Pleading the Fifth’ Has Become More Difficult in the Smartphone Era: Why a State Appeals Court Says Unlocking a Smartphone with a Fingerprint is Different Than a Passcode

Three years ago, Apple released an iPhone that changed the way users were able to protect their data.  The new smartphone features a fingerprint ID biometric system, allowing users to scan their fingerprint as a method of securing their smartphone and the data inside, as opposed to your typical every-day numerical or alphabetical passcode.  Many

Fake News and Facebook’s Role in the Battle for Truth

The topic of fake news and its spread across social media platforms has been a hot-button issue in the United States over the past year, sometimes taking center stage in the presidential election and even including claims among the newly-minted presidential administration.  But our country is not the only one concerned about this issue. Germany

New York Airbnb Hosts: Do Not Pass Go, And Also, Pay $7,500 in Fines

Airbnb filed a federal lawsuit on Friday, October 21, 2016 after New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill that would fine Airbnb hosts up to $7,500 for posting illegal short-term rentals on the popular website. Airbnb contends the law violates free speech and due process, and additionally violates their rights under the Communications Decency

An App a Day Keeps the Doctors Away: Opternative Challenges State Ban

Not all states are willing to put their trust into technology just yet. In May of 2016, the South Carolina General Assembly ratified amendments to their Eye Care Consumer Protection Law. Under the new law, “ prescription for spectacles or contact lenses may not be based solely on the refractive eye error of the human

DDoS Attack exposes Vulnerability of Internet of Things

On Friday, October 21st, attackers controlling a vast collection of internet connected devices launched a denial-of-service attack on web technology provider Dynamic Network Service, Inc., also know as Dyn. Dyn provides domain name system services to many popular websites, which is a key part of the “digital supply train“ which allows users to access websites like