Apple v. U.S. Government: The Ongoing Saga

If you own an Apple device, you, along with more than 55 million Americans, are probably oblivious to the fact that Apple may be compelled to share your iMessage contact information with law enforcement. Apple, in their privacy policy, promotes that they protect the content of iMessages through encryption on both users’ end of communication

Immigrations Officials use Technology to Track Illegal Immigrants

Immigrations and Customs Officials (ICE) increasingly use GPS tracking devices to locate and track illegal immigrants in the U.S. Immigrants who arrive in the U.S. illegally are likely to be eventually identified by ICE officials.  They are then located, arrested, and hauled before a judge.  The judge may, among other things, order hearings to be

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Vote: Russian Hackers and Cybersecurity in the Presidential Election

As an already contentious election season draws into the homestretch, national security officials have detected hacking attempts to at least 20 state voter registration systems. And Russia could be to blame. With more states moving toward housing voter registration rolls online, the concern is that hackers could potentially gain access and delete voters in swing

Federal Circuit Addresses the Obviousness of Prior Art Combinations

The Federal Circuit recently applied the Supreme Court’s decision in KSR Int’l Co. v. Teleflex Inc., in determining the obviousness of a caller ID system patent. In ClassCo, Inc. v. Apple, Inc., Apple was attacking ClassCo’s patents which protected the playing of an identifying sound regarding an incoming phone call. ClassCo’s patent No. 6,970,695, involved

No Man’s Sky: Sometimes Perception Is Worse than the Law

In the world of advertising, the product often does not match the description. This is often the truth especially in the video game categories. Games are announced and displayed usually one to two years before they are actually released. Even then, hyped games are often released, only to have less than ideal player experiences. However,

Earth Laws and The Final Frontier: The Laws Governing Space Leave Much to be Discovered

Before the SpaceX Mars event at the International Aeronautical Congress in Mexico, many people were skeptical of Elon Musk’s SpaceX company reaching Mars anytime soon. Forty-seven years have passed since Neil Armstrong landed on the Moon and coined the phase “That is one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind.” Since that exhilarating

“Corporate Sewer” Apple to Pay $302 Million to “Patent Troll” VirnetX in Patent Infringement Case

On Friday September 30, 2016, a jury awarded VirnetX Holding Corporation more than $302 million in a patent infringement case against Apple Inc. VirnetX is a small internet security and software technology company that relies on patent licensing for revenue. VirnetX owns over 115 patents that “facilitate secure communications” and “create a secure environment for

The Empire Strikes Back: New Developments in Russia’s War on Pornography

A few weeks ago Roskomnadzor—or in English the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media—blocked public access in Russia to two of the world’s largest porn sites, Pornhub and YouPorn. The block came after a 2015 court decision from the southern city Krasnodar. The court held that the websites had violated

Rollin’ Out: Regulatory Pressures Poised to Nix Coal Rolling Fad

While VW made international headlines in 2015 for intentionally misleading customers and cheating emissions standards and through the use of “defeat device” software, a subculture of American motorists, those who “roll coal,” are out to leave an even blacker mark on diesel. To “roll coal” is to produce billowing clouds of black exhaust from a

In Nashville, Google Fiber Gets Caught in Legal Battle

When Google first announced its plan to bring ultra high-speed broadband internet to select locations across the United States, cities clamored to be a part of the process. Now, more than 6 years later, the Fiber project’s process of delivering high-speed broadband to the Netflix-addicted masses has proved to a bit more slow going than