How ‘Pleading the Fifth’ Has Become More Difficult in the Smartphone Era: Why a State Appeals Court Says Unlocking a Smartphone with a Fingerprint is Different Than a Passcode

Three years ago, Apple released an iPhone that changed the way users were able to protect their data.  The new smartphone features a fingerprint ID biometric system, allowing users to scan their fingerprint as a method of securing their smartphone and the data inside, as opposed to your typical every-day numerical or alphabetical passcode.  Many

Fake News and Facebook’s Role in the Battle for Truth

The topic of fake news and its spread across social media platforms has been a hot-button issue in the United States over the past year, sometimes taking center stage in the presidential election and even including claims among the newly-minted presidential administration.  But our country is not the only one concerned about this issue. Germany

New York Airbnb Hosts: Do Not Pass Go, And Also, Pay $7,500 in Fines

Airbnb filed a federal lawsuit on Friday, October 21, 2016 after New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill that would fine Airbnb hosts up to $7,500 for posting illegal short-term rentals on the popular website. Airbnb contends the law violates free speech and due process, and additionally violates their rights under the Communications Decency

An App a Day Keeps the Doctors Away: Opternative Challenges State Ban

Not all states are willing to put their trust into technology just yet. In May of 2016, the South Carolina General Assembly ratified amendments to their Eye Care Consumer Protection Law. Under the new law, “ prescription for spectacles or contact lenses may not be based solely on the refractive eye error of the human

DDoS Attack exposes Vulnerability of Internet of Things

On Friday, October 21st, attackers controlling a vast collection of internet connected devices launched a denial-of-service attack on web technology provider Dynamic Network Service, Inc., also know as Dyn. Dyn provides domain name system services to many popular websites, which is a key part of the “digital supply train“ which allows users to access websites like

ONC Issues Final Rule to Update Health IT Certification Program

On October 14th, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, the federal entity responsible for coordinating national efforts to implement and use health information technology, issued a Rule that finalized new changes and requirements under the ONC Health IT Certification Program. The Program was launched in 2010 and is largely charged with

European Union’s Crusade against Corporate Welfare

Last week, it was reported that Apple is moving over $9 billion worth of their iTunes Intellectual Property assets to Ireland from Luxembourg. This level of commitment to the country comes less than two months after the European Commission ruled Ireland’s tax breaks to Apple were unlawful and ordered the American tech giant to pay

AT&T To Buy Time Warner – Bad News for Consumers

Good news AT&T and DirecTV customers! Your cable packages might be getting a significant upgrade here in the near future. AT&T and its subscribers will have the opportunity to obtain access to HBO, CNN, TNT, Cartoon Network, TBS, and Warner Brothers. This is due to the recent agreement for AT&T to purchase Time Warner for

Pokemon Go, I Sue You! Minimizing Legal Conflicts with Geo-fencing.

With the release of “Pokemon Go” in July 2016, the real world was invaded with virtual monsters. Armed with GPS-enabled smartphones, players, called “trainers,” explore the real world to locate and catch these virtual monsters, or “Pokemon.” The game also designates real world landmarks as virtual “Pokestops” and “Gyms” were trainers can resupply on in-game