How Should Bitcoin Be Taxed? IRS Provides Short Answer

With “Tax Day” looming for many Americans, it seems the perfect time to talk about the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”). Bitcoin is a relatively novel form of currency that was first introduced in 2009. Unlike traditional currencies, Bitcoin operates “without central authority” and utilizes “peer-to-peer technology”  and functions as a open source of payment around

Stop Being a Jerk: FTC Charges with Deceiving Consumers

On Monday, April 7, 2014, the FTC alleged that Jerk broke federal laws and deceived consumers. The Massachusetts-based company created the social media site, which was active from 2009 until 2013. It also operated under and The current seems to have nothing to do with the original site. Also included, as

Flash Boys, Fraud, and the Need for New Rules

From Gordon Gecko to Lloyd Blankfein, titans of finance both very real and very emblematic leave Americans with an indelible suspicion that clever Wall Street insiders contort the rules of the game on the backs of honest Main Street investors. Michael Lewis’s book “Flash Boys” certainly does not help. Lewis contends that high-frequency trading (“HFT”)

Google Hoping to Escape Street View Lawsuit

Everyone’s used it before—the inconspicuous option on Google Maps that allows you to see, well, almost anywhere.  Google Street View, which now spans all seven continents and more than fifty countries, allows its users to “explore world landmarks, discover natural wonders and step inside locations such as museums, arenas, restaurants and small businesses with 360-degree

Show Me the Money: Technology Companies Face Class-Action Suit over Wage-Fixing Scandal

Several technology giants, including Apple and Google have lost a hearing which will now allow thousands of technology workers to come together as a group to sue the companies for wages lost as result of a wage-fixing scandal. The scandal was revealed by Silicon Valley website, Pando Daily, after they obtained internal memos from Google

It’s not my trick, Your Honor, it’s my illusion!

It seems only fitting that this April Fool’s Day blog post shine a spotlight on a magic trick. Although, perhaps the term “illusion” is more appropriate here. The illusion in question, called Shadows, is the product of famous magician Teller’s imagination. While Teller’s Shadows may be the most poetic magical illusion ever crafted, it gained

Healthcare Exchanges continues to face technical problems – Deadline extended for some

The implementation of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, continues to face some technical issues nearly six months after the launch of The health exchanges set up by the federal government faced several large-scale problems at the outset, but most of these issues were resolved after several weeks. However, a number of

Permitted Third Party Distributors Turned Criminal Infringers?: Applanet Defendant Plays Hardball with the Government

Appbucket, Applanet, and related services, until taken down by the FBI, were alleged to be “third part . . . websites for the distribution of Android apps.”  This was also considered by the Appbucket’s operator’s defense to be in good faith, considering that Google permitted such distribution, whereas Apple does not (Apple runs the only

ACE Broadcasting’s stand against Podcast Patent Troll

Adam Carolla is a well-known media personality.  Known for his brash—and often crude—brand of humor, he originally made a name for himself on MTV’s “Loveline” and Comedy Central’s “The Man Show” alongside Dr. Drew and Jimmy Kimmel, respectively.  After leaving more conventional media platforms behind, Carolla was one of the pioneers of Podcasting.  A Podcast

Advertising versus trade secret protection: Blackberry CEO’s latest blog raises questions about the company’s legal strategy

In a March 26, 2014 blog post, Blackberry CEO John Chen addressed the issue of recent leaks to a forthcoming edition of the Blackberry Smartphone.  Chen announced to Blackberry customers and the general public that the company is “pursuing legal action” against a party who allegedly illegally obtained the information and made it public.  While