Trolling Skynet’s Patents to Save Humanity

Google’s push for the self-driving automobile, click here, and Google Glass, click here, has sparked some interesting questions. Questions that possibly only this author is asking. But questions, nonetheless, that all should contemplate. It seems inevitable that Google will soon mirror the plotline foretold in James Cameron’s The Terminator, click here, becoming self-aware and shedding

Lights, Camera, Drones..? FAA Eases Drone Restrictions With Filmmakers

Whispers began floating around this week that the FCC will begin allowing filmmakers to operate drones in on movie sets. This will be the second set of exceptions made by the FAA for commercial drone use, the first being a pair a permits leased to companies for use in remote areas of Alaska, and making

A Legal Fantasy: the rise of one-day fantasy sports leagues.

If you’ve watched televised sports or ESPN lately, you have no doubt noticed the incredible proliferation of commercials promoting “one day fantasy sports leagues.” They generally feature some supposedly average Joe who is now bicep-curling bags of cash hard won playing fantasy football. If you’re anything like me you have two thoughts every time you

Stop Eating That Doughnut, Your Doctor Is Watching!

Imagine your doctor shaking his head disapprovingly as you take that last bite of your morning doughnut. Since Medicare began levying penalties (up to 2%) against hospitals that have a high re-admittance rate, some health care providers have begun using credit card data from third party personal financial data providers (like Axicom and Lexis) to

Body Cameras for Police Officers: The Start of a New Standard?

The death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri last month sparked a large controversy and a discussion regarding the interactions that take place between police officers and civilians. Many people question if officers are being held appropriately responsible for the actions they take while on duty, and if eye-witness testimony is the most reliable source

The Next Space Race

Do you have dreams of going to Mars? Well, if so, earlier this week that dream took one step closer to being reality for not just astronauts but for everyone. It was announced that Boeing and SpaceX were award a $6.8 billion dollar NASA contract to take American astronauts to space. Boeing received $4.2 billion

Objective or Subjective Intent of Threats Made on the Internet

Since the advent of the Internet, people have utilized the veil of anonymity to say things they would never dare to in face-to-face conversation. Nowhere is this “internet tough guy” attitude more noticeable than in online gaming, social media, and message boards. Anyone who has ever played Call of Duty can tell you that the

How Secure Is iOS 8 From Law Enforcement Intrusion?

With competitors like Google and Microsoft admitting to scanning and accessing user information, Apple is attempting to set itself apart by making some noise with its new privacy policy dealing with the iOS 8 operating system. CEO Tim Cook discussed the new policy in an open letter to customers this week. Essentially, all your data—photos,

Cash or Card?: Data Breaches as the New Normal in American Consumerism

A September 14, 2014 Huffington Post article lists “4 Reasons Credit Cards Are Better Than Cash.” Ironically, the article was published less than a week after Home Depot confirmed 56 million of its customers’ credit card information had been compromised in the largest data breach of retail credit card information in history. But such events

Crime and Punishment When the Cameras Are Always Rolling

Increasingly pervasive surveillance technology is rapidly changing society, and it is having an impact on our criminal justice system as well. In some ways, increased surveillance is helpful in achieving a just outcome because video evidence provides a better account of events than eye witness testimony. However, as illustrated by the recent Ray Rice controversy,