Facebook Does Not Want the DEA to be Your Friend

In early October, Sondra Arquiett filed a lawsuit alleging that the Drug Enforcement Agency (“DEA”) created a fake Facebook account using her name and information. Arquiett was awaiting sentencing for possession of cocaine, for which she would eventually receive probation. According to the lawsuit, the DEA created the account for the purpose of identifying other

P2P and the (technologically) Illiterate Author

The man who gained fame and fortune by penning novels that tricked millions of readers into thinking lawyers are suave characters that with no writing, research, and or deference to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure are able to combat injustice, racism, and corporate greed, has recently apologized for what’s been described as a verbal

Will new cellphone encryption prevent the FBI from abusing your privacy?

It has been an arduous year for credit card users. Target, Home Depot, and K-Mart all were hacked and had shopper’s credit card information stolen. Fortunately, some of the information was encrypted and thus unusable to the hackers. Their response was to begin encrypting more of the credit card data. It seemed to be a

California Farmers Look to New Technologies to Combat Climate Change

As the end of the year draws near, 2014 is likely to go down as one of the worst for California farmers as a result of an unprecedented drought. According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, approximately 80% of California is experiencing extreme drought levels (click here for clip of California’s drought evolution). One of the

Privacy and Security: Outflanking the Third-Party Doctrine

Edward Snowden became famous last year for revealing US government surveillance programs and starting a conversation in America about the tradeoffs between privacy and security. More recently, Snowden has conducted interviews in which he has advised Americans to avoid certain online services, like Dropbox and Facebook, that do not provide adequate privacy protections for users

The Most Important Technological Advancement Since the Internet

It should come as a shock to no one that car accidents have a great economic and societal impact on all Americans. Entire industries have come to rely heavily, if not entirely, upon the basic reality that people will get into car accidents. For example, it has become statutorily required for motorists to possess automobile

Smart Bombs, Dumb Policy?

With an increase in ISIS activity in Syria and Iraq, the United States has increased it’s presence in the region. Public outcry for U.S. air support following numerous atrocities carried out by ISIS has led to air strikes by U.S. military aircraft and drones. While some view this as a success against the continued war

Foreign Servers, Drug Markets, and Warrantless Searches

Does a warrantless search of a foreign server that yields evidence leading to the arrest of an American citizen violate that citizen’s rights under the Fourth Amendment? The answer to that question begins back in July of 2013 when the Federal Bureau of Investigation received help from Icelandic authorities who searched a server the FBI

The Next Wave of Social Experimentation

How many times a day would you say that you check the Facebook App on your phone? Twice? Ten times? None at all? Since its emergence in mainstream media in 2005, Facebook has changed the way people look at social media. But this influence has not come without its share of controversies. The most recent

The Big Chill: the Chilling Effect on First Amendment Freedoms of Speech and Association Caused by Government Surveillance

On September 11, 2001, our nation suffered horrific terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington, D.C. that resulted in the tragic deaths of thousands of American citizens. In the wake of these attacks, the United States government responded with the War on Terror, which included military action, intelligence activities, and new laws and regulations