FCC Delays Largest Spectrum Auction…Again

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced Friday that it is again postponing its planned Incentive Auction of low-frequency airwaves until early 2016. Similar auctions for the licenses of electromagnetic spectrum have been conducted by the FCC since 1994. The FCC has found that these spectrum auctions are an effective means of assigning licenses, by awarding

The Legality of Detecting Ebola through Airport Security

Ebola has captured the nation’s attention over the past few weeks. Media speculation and fear have seemed to perpetuate this disease, mostly afflicting West African countries, into a supposed serious threat to Americans. Federal and state governments’ responses provide a patchwork of different regulations, as federal, state and agency level actions have attempted to squelch

Texting Stops? Company Develops a Radar That Can Detect When Drivers Are Texting

Warnings about texting while driving are everywhere. We see billboards along highways telling drivers to refrain from using their phones. We see television commercials and news stories reporting fatal accidents that have occurred as a result of a driver texting. State legislatures have recognized the dangers of texting while driving, and have responded by enacting

Follow Up With Stalkers

A New York state law going into effect this Tuesday criminalizes the use of GPS devices by individuals to stalk one another. To clarify, “such conduct becomes a misdemeanor only after the target notifies the person responsible that such conduct is unwelcome.” That’s right. New Yorkers will soon be beginning their conversations by saying ‘before

Hoverboards are real! Now what does it mean?

The hoverboard first glided glided onto the scene and into our hearts during 1989’s sci-fi comedy Back to the Future Part II. Despite the outrageously fashionable high-top sneakers attached, it was the board that audiences couldn’t help but fixate on. Enchanted by till then undreamed-of future wonders, many fans began to mark their calendars for

Trololololegislation: The U.K. Considers Harsher Penalties for Online Trolling

Internet trolls in the U.K. could face up to two years in prison if proponents of a new proposal set for Parliament have their way. The proposal, put forth last Sunday, seeks to quadruple the current maximum penalty of six months. Its author, MP Angie Bray, says she decided the change was necessary “after one

Medical Devices in Social Media: Fitting the Small Print in 140 Characters

One in three American adults have gone online to figure out a medical condition. Consequently, social media is increasingly being adopted as a tool for promoting medical devices (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.). Patients are starting internet support groups, rating devices on Yelp! and sharing photos on Reddit and YouTube. In contrast, medical professionals are

GoPro’s Stock Slide: Is One Man Responsible?

Michael Schumacher, Formula 1 driver and known to many as the Stig, is still recovering from traumatic injuries sustained during a skiing accident last December at the French Alps resort of Méribel. Schumacher was skiing off-piste when he crashed into rocks and even though Schumacher was wearing a helmet, he sustained severe head injuries and

The Shape of Things to Come: Apple Might Be Facing a Healthy Dose of Its Own Medicine

Apple, Inc. has developed a reputation for actively and aggressively defending its intellectual property rights in its products. In particular, it has recently been involved in a number of high profile patent cases: Creative Technology v. Apple, Inc. (click here); Typhoon Touch Technologies, Inc. v. Dell, Inc. (click here); Nokia v. Apple, Inc. (click here);

Testy about Tesla: Michigan Bans Electric Car Company’s Direct Sales Model

Michigan residents may now have a more difficult time obtaining Elon Musk’s inventive electric cars. On Tuesday, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed a bill that prohibits direct to consumer automotive sales. Although this legislation applies to all car manufacturers, Tesla is currently the only company employing that model. The bipartisan legislation, which passed through the