Graffiti Gains Legitimacy: Judge Awards Graffiti Artists $6.7M

5Pointz complex in Long Island City, Queens, was a frequent site of photo shoots and music videos as its walls were adorned with visual works of art since the 1990s—back when the owner of the building agreed to allow graffiti artists work on the walls of the building. 5Pointz became not only a hotspot and

Mission Impossible?

In the Mission Impossible series Tom Cruise receives self-destructing assignments before embarking on a theatrical, mostly death defying, stunt filled mission. Interestingly enough, minus the explosive part, those messages are now no longer just for the movies. There is an app, Confide, that provides the same security without all the cleanup. Confide provides users “ith

“Deepfakes” Technology and Pornography Laws

“Deepfakes technology” uses machine learning to doctor film and replace the face of one person with the face of another. It does so by condensing the film editing task into three, easy steps: (1) “gather a photoset of a person;” (2) “choose a video to manipulate;” (3) wait for your computer to do the rest.

Defense Contractors Beware: Russia is Lurking

Readers of the North Carolina JOLT Blog may recall that back in October, I published a piece on the Russian use of Kaspersky—a Russian antivirus program—to search for sensitive American cybersecurity programs and methods from a National Security Agency (NSA) contractor. Despite the known risk posed by Kaspersky (the NSA did not allow the program

Are Internet Companies Growing too Big?

A recent piece in WIRED articulated a growing sentiment about big tech companies and antitrust. It depicts tech companies as rocketing to the top of the economy in a free-wheeling environment free of regulation. But today, two companies, Google and Facebook control 90% of advertising spending. Antitrust concerns targeting large internet companies are growing. Last

Climate Change in California Produces Drought and Periods of Extreme Flooding Indicated by Oroville Dam Spill

Much of the focus of climate change in California has revolved around the impacts of drought and the probability of water shortages affecting the agriculture industry. Such hysteria has led to mandated water curtailment by private citizens as well as large-scale regulatory overhaul of groundwater in California under the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act. Conversely, climate

Ford Proposes Autonomous Police Cars

Ford has filed a patent application with the federal government in which it proposes plans for autonomous police squad cars that can monitor traffic and issue tickets and warnings for traffic violations. The autonomous squad cars could add an interesting facet to the legal gray area regarding the legality of tickets issued by red light

Bump Stocks and the Second Amendment

Nearly half of Americans favor “more restrictions on the current process of purchasing a gun.” Ironically, the United States has approximately 5 percent of the world’s population, but owns somewhere in between 35-50% of the civilian-owned firearms in the world. This can largely be attributed to the protection provided by the Second Amendment. But what

Looking Beyond the Cryptocurrency SEC Meeting – Regulation, Rumors, and Projections

Tomorrow, 10 a.m. EST, the SEC will hold a formal meeting: Virtual Currencies: The Oversight Role of The SEC and CFTC. “Chairman Jay Clayton will testify before the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs. The hearing is titled, ‘Virtual Currencies: The Oversight Role of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the

Shedding Some Light on a Shady Business: Waymo and Uber Face Off in LiDAR Trade Secret Case

Earlier today, 5 February 2018, in a San Francisco courtroom, lawyers began to lay their arguments for a case that will have big repercussions in the future of self-driving vehicles. In a market that is valued in the multiple trillions of dollars, the case between Waymo (formerly a Google self-driving project that’s now it’s own