YouTube: A New Regulatory Agency for Gun Control?

When one thinks of online entertainment, many domains, such as Hulu, Netflix, and Buzzfeed come to mind. However, few websites have as much clout, recognition, and daily traffic as does YouTube. YouTube, whose users watch nearly 1 billion hours of video per day, has become a staple in the online presence of billions of users

ShotSpotter Technology: Response and Deterrence from Gun Violence within Earshot

In the wake of the Las Vegas Massacre, advocates on both sides of the political spectrum have sought solutions for avoiding future tragedies caused by gun violence. While much of the debate has focused on banning “bump stock” attachments and implementing tighter ownership restrictions, one company has taken a different approach to preventing such catastrophes,

Airbnb and Hotel Industry Fund “Grassroots” Armies in Lobbying Battle: A Challenge to Lawmakers

“Sharing economy” businesses, like Airbnb and Uber, typically function by facilitating peer-to-peer transactions and then taking a cut of the exchange. These corporations have been criticized, for years, for using business models that are largely based on evading regulations and taxation. However, others advocate for the businesses because they create new services that consumers enjoy,

Dept. of Energy Proposes New Rule to Support Baseload Resources. How Will FERC Respond and Is This Good Policy?

A recent movement within the electricity sector focuses on the potential threat of intermittent renewable resources rapidly tying into the grid. Renewable resources, like solar and wind, are considered “intermittent” because electric power flow from these resources is subject to potentially significant variations throughout the day, the week, and the year. Imagine a partly cloudy

Has the Third-Party Doctrine Overstayed Its Welcome?

On October 2, 2017, the Supreme Court of the United States began their 2017-2018 term, once again operating at full capacity with nine justices after the confirmation of Justice Neil Gorsuch earlier this year. The Court certainly needs all its strength as it sits down to a docket addressing freedom of religion, the definition of

Tesla Takes On Franchise Dealerships In Motor City

United States Magistrate Judge Ellen Carmody recently ordered two Michigan lawmakers to turn over to Tesla Motors communications with “nonlegislative third parties” in Tesla Motors Inc. v. Johnson, et al. Tesla issued subpoenas for the two members of the Michigan legislature to turn over any emails and all other communications with third parties during the

The Fight Over The Open Internet Rules: Empire Strikes Back?

On September 28, 2017, AT&T, the cable industry group NCTA, and CenturyLink filed separate appeals to take the fight over the Obama-era net neutrality rules, the 2015 Open Internet Order, to the United States Supreme Court. Previously, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals fully upheld the 2015 Open Internet Order last year. The D.C. Circuit

Is the DOJ Targeting Anti-Trump Facebook Accounts?

The United States government wants access to information contained within the Facebook accounts of “potentially thousands of Facebook users” that are associated with individuals who are not supporters of the Trump administration. They have requested warrants to search three Facebook accounts. The warrants arise out of arrests of individuals that took place during the inauguration

Income Tax at a Fork in the Blockchain

Hardly a day goes by without hearing about “the next big thing.” For years, a repeat contender for that elusive, ethereal title has been Bitcoin. Whether Bitcoin really is the groundbreaking technology of tomorrow remains to be seen. However, Bitcoin and its progeny are already raising important issues for everyone’s favorite government agency: the Internal