Algorithms as Legal Entities

Anything you can do, they can do better. The past decade has marked a growing concern over the displacement of white collar jobs by increasingly sophisticated software. Some believe that software will only ever supplement white collar work. Others predict a change as dramatic as the industrial revolution. The validation of one side over the

Semi-autonomous Crash Using Autopilot Ends in Recommendations and More Questions

An emphasis has been placed on the “semi” of semi-autonomous vehicles. The National Transportation Safety Board (“NTSB”) highlighted the importance of drivers maintaining awareness of driving conditions and interaction with the vehicle while “self-driving” cars are engaged in autopilot. Their conclusion and subsequent recommendations could prompt changes in regulations for future semi-autonomous vehicles. This determination

Computer Algorithm Can Draw Congressional District Lines Without Bias

The issue of congressional redistricting has been the source of much debate. In fact, earlier this year, a federal court ruled that three Texas Congressional Districts were illegally drawn. In the official opinion, the court stated that “the political motive does not excuse or negate that use of race; rather, the use of race is

CRISPR – Where Does The Law Step In?

The big technological innovation that continues to dominate the headlines is CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats). If you are not already familiar with CRISPR it is time to take notice. The following article provides a brief breakdown of CRISPR, for those of us without a science background, and is followed by a discussion

Gambling on the Legality of Daily Fantasy Sports

In 2016, roughly 5.6 million users pumped over three-billion dollars into daily fantasy sports tournaments online. For a fee that can range anywhere from one dollar to thousands of dollars, users get the chance to select the professional or collegiate athletes from a sport of their choice that will perform the best over a specified

Hookd on the Music: How YouTube’s New Music Licensing App is a Game Changer

For most Internet users, YouTube is a ubiquitous platform that is a “go-to” for content.  Whether it be for entertainment, educational purposes, news, or to watch the world’s most talented dog perform tricks, YouTube is a platform that has a little bit of something for everyone.  In an estimated month, the site is said to

Equifax an Unfortunate Reminder of the Inadequate Remedies and Protections for Identity Fraud

Identity fraud is undoubtedly something to fear, as a consumer. Stories of the difficulties in getting one’s life back are likely familiar to most, possibly from TV commercials or personal relations with victims. And of course, no one wants it to happen to themselves. But with the increasingly digital nature of the world, data hacks

From Global to Local: When Laws Limit the Free Flow of Data

Last month, LinkedIn decided it was time to remove Russia from its professional network. The company refused to comply with the Russia’s law requiring all online sites to store personal data on local servers, instead abandoning its 6 million Russian users. This full desertion comes after the site was blocked last fall for its initial