The End of Interoperability: U.S. Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Oracle v. Google

On June 29, 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court took an action that has the potential to sabotage software innovation, put an end to open source software, and further confuse the already muddled state of copyright law regarding APIs. The following statement by technology expert Brian Proffitt regarding the significance of APIs serves to underscore the


Should Other Verein-Structured MegaFirms Worry after Dentons’ ITC Disqualification?

In May a U.S. International Trade Commission judge granted an order to disqualify Dentons U.S. LLP from representing the Ohio-based company RevoLaze against Gap in a patent suit. The case at issue began last August when Dentons partner Mark Hogge for RevoLaze filed a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission (“ITC”) accusing The Gap,


Apple’s New Security Features in iOS 9 Certain to Cause Problems for Law Enforcement

At Apple’s annual World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) last month, the company announced their latest mobile operating system for phones and tablets, iOS 9. As is typical with Apple, this event included much fanfare and hyperbole. In addition to the announcements about all the software you didn’t know you needed, Apple quietly ratcheted up security


Plaintiffs Win Big in the “Case of the Devious Defecator”

On June 22, Jurors awarded $2.25 million in damages for plaintiffs Jack Lowe and Dennis Reynolds, whose DNA was unlawfully obtained by their employer, Defendant Atlas Logistics Retail Services (Atlanta), LLC. An Atlanta Judge had already ruled in the case of first impression that Atlas was violating the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (“GINA”), 42 U.S.C.


DNA Testing Catches Rogue Chili’s Employee Who Spit in Customer’s Beverage

Tech law is not always about macro-level global headlines like drones, autonomous vehicles, or Edward Snowden. No, sometimes it’s just about a guy trying to enjoy dinner at Chili’s. Those who work in the food industry have been known to get back at rude or annoying customers from time to time by doing inappropriate things


Sanctions for Cyber Hackers? The White House Considers its Options

In April, in response to the cyberattacks on Sony Pictures last November, President Obama announced an executive action that allows the Treasury Department to impose punitive financial sanctions on hackers that threaten national security. In light of the recent cyberattacks on the computer system at the Office of Personnel Management, during which hackers gained access


Are We Ready for Autonomous Vehicles?

This month marks a milestone for the world of autonomous vehicles. Virginia announced June 1 that the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, in partnership with the Virginia DOT and several other entities, has established the “Virginia Automated Corridors.” The corridors comprise over seventy miles of roads in Northern Virginia, including several interstates and state roads. According


Ransomware and its Implications on the Legal Field

A recent trend in law firm server hacking is something called Ransomware. Ransomware “is a type of malware that prevents or limits users from accessing their system. Once infected the malware will lock the user out of their data, or hide the data until the user pays a ransom to get access back. Some of


Final Decision in Garcia v. Google, Inc. Follows Copyright Law Precedent

Cindy Garcia v. Google, Inc. is a case that brought forward many questions about the definition of a copyright, and for a brief moment tried to change that definition. The plaintiff in this case was hired to be an actress in a film entitled “Desert Warrior,” but instead had her performance used and her lines


Employee Supervision Off The Clock: The Use of Mobile Apps with GPS Functioning to Monitor Employee’s Whereabouts On and Off The Clock

The advancement of global positioning system (GPS) technology has made tracking individuals’ locations increasingly easier.  Many mobile applications (“apps”), such as Find My iPhone, GPS Location Tracker, and Find My Friends, allow parties to keep track of other individual’s locations.  These applications can be very helpful in aiding individuals to find their lost phones or