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Is there a Punishment That Will Fit Volkswagen’s Crime?

We’ve all heard it before, “Clean Diesel.” It’s been heavily advertised and marketed to appeal to American buyers. Luxury brands such as Audi have been spreading this concept by placing attention grabbing decals across their vehicles and constantly focusing on it in their commercials. Volkswagen has been at the forefront of spreading this idea amongst


Big Data Still Ahead of the Law – LinkedIn Settles in Latest Controversy

The latest big data controversy will end with LinkedIn paying 13 million dollars in damages in a class action suit for “trying too hard to add people to your professional network.” After setting up a LinkedIn account, the website would send invitations to your email contacts asking them to join your professional network. If the

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Ephemeral Technology and the Potential to Avoid Legal Consequences

Generation Y knows Mark Cuban, whether by his courtside antics during Dallas Mavericks games (he owns the team) or by his appearances on ABC’s Shark Tank. However, millennials might be surprised to learn that Mark Cuban’s latest venture is to help people reduce their digital footprint.  In 2013, Cuban prevailed in an insider trading action brought


Dr. Watson?: How IBM is teaching Watson to Read your Medical Scans

Remember Watson, the super computer that beat the “unbeatable” Ken Jennings at Jeopardy? Well, now Watson may be more to you than a computer with limitless trivia knowledge. He may be your Radiologist, or at least a tool to push some of the reforms of the Affordable Care Act, namely to improve quality care and

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Peeple: The Legal Vulnerabilities of the New People-Rating App

A new app announced this past week reignited the debate between free speech and cyberbulling. Peeple, “the terrifying ‘Yelp for people,’” allows users to review everyone they know, ranging from friends, co-workers, former lovers, or acquaintances. Reviews consist of a one-to five-star rating and comments. Co-founders, Julia Cordray and Nicole McCullough, suggest the app will


A Mighty New Idea: Crowdfunding Plaintiffs’ Fees

Are you or a client looking for capital to litigate a tortious claim? Tempted by the unfair, low-ball offer because the coffers are dried up? Fret no more–legal startup Mighty hopes to take the chance out of litigation. Crowdfunding has been around for a while, and innovators are always looking for new ways to capitalize


How Far Can Domestic Search Warrants Extend? The Second Circuit Will Soon Have the Answer for Microsoft

More often than not search warrants are not difficult to procure and execute.  However, in Microsoft Corporation v. United States of America, the United States government is potentially looking for something outside of its jurisdiction, and the Second Circuit must make a decision that will have international ramifications. In December 2013, the Southern District of


A Look Inside The Brain: Admitting Brain Scans as Evidence in the Courtroom

Technology has the potential to transform how evidence and knowledge are used in the courtroom. Much of what we know about someone’s thoughts or emotions comes from what he or she says. However, what if a judge and jurors were able to see inside someone’s brain in the courtroom? What seems like far off science


Advocate General Says Halt Safe Harbor

It is well known in the world of privacy that the European Union has a very different view of privacy than the United States.  Because of the differing views and in an effort to bolster trade between Europe and the United States an agreement was reached in 1998 known as the Safe Harbor.  This agreement