Hurricane Florence Lays Waste to North Carolina Hog Farms

When Hurricane Florence was first predicted to make landfall in Eastern North Carolina earlier this month, Governor Roy Cooper issued the unprecedented action of ordering state-mandated evacuations for many ENC residents. But in one county alone, 2.9 million residents stayed put: the hogs of Duplin County, N.C. Riding out the storm with them? Their waste.

Amazon: Too “Tech-y” For Products Liability?

First-year law students around the United States learn in their introductory torts classes that any entity in the manufacturing, distribution, or retail chain of a defective product can be held liable for injuries that result from that defective product.  But, in a recent ruling from the Southern District of New York, Amazon was relieved of

Can the grid handle a mass switch to Electric Vehicles? California’s Policy Plan to Integrate 5 million EVs by 2030

This past January, Governor Jerry Brown of California signed executive order B-48-18 announcing a program to put 5 million Electric Vehicles (EVs) on the state’s roads by 2030. This lofty goal will require several key developments in the electricity sector, including installation of distributed charging stations which will be funded by $2.5 billion from the

Alabama, Lebron James, and a Legal Game of Chicken

Two of the most dominant figures in all of sport threatened legal action against one another earlier this year. Lebron James, through his multimedia company “Uninterrupted,” sent a cease and desist letter to The University of Alabama’s football program over Alabama’s new online streaming show, “Shop Talk.” “Shop Talk” primarily serves as a recruiting tool

State-Sanctioned Hacks: Is there ever any justice?

Late last week, the United States Department of Justice officially filed charges in the 2014 Sony Hack. Sony Corporation was hacked on November 25th, 2014 by an organization calling itself the Guardians of Peace (GOP). The GOP stole employee Social Security numbers, confidential emails, and unreleased films. The GOP then released the emails and films

Tesla’s Self-Driving Car Drives Itself Into A Firetruck: Where Liability Truly Lies

When one Utah woman took her Tesla out for a spin this past May, she switched it to Autopilot mode, trusting the claims of the Tesla sales representatives that the car would brake automatically. As long as she occasionally touched the steering wheel, the Tesla Inc. Model S was supposed to use its many cameras

Hook and Loop, Got it?

The next time you shop for shoes, look for a tool to hang picture frames, or try to keep loose cables tied up, #DontSayVelcro. These days, the VELCRO® Brand means business. Just a year ago the company released a website and colorful advertisement but has also continued to educate the general public on the consequential damages

Tech Giants Google, Twitter, and Facebook Under Fire for Having Algorithms that Favor Displaying Some Content Over Others: Is New Regulation on the Horizon?

At a time when net neutrality was recently repealed, tensions regarding internet regulation have been especially high lately. Therefore, it did not come as a surprise when the White House made national news regarding possible regulation of Google. The most recent news started when President Trump did a cursory Google search of the words “Trump

The Burdens of Federal Deregulation: Is Net Neutrality Becoming a Matter of State Law?

On Friday, August 31, the California state legislature passed a net neutrality bill, which now awaits Governor Brown’s signature to become law. If enacted, the bill would become the fourth state law protecting net neutrality, but would provide more comprehensive protection than the net neutrality laws passed in other states. California’s bill prohibits Internet Service