Decrypting Apple’s Refusal to Unlock iPhones

            Recently, Apple has again faced scrutiny by the DOJand even our presidentfor their adamant refusal to unlock their customers’ iPhones upon government request. In response to the Pensacola shooting, where an Air Force cadet killed three sailors and wounded eight, the DOJ again seeks Apple’s assistancein unlocking a shooter’s iPhone. While Apple complied with many requests for assistance by

California Purchasing Plan to Flex Purchasing Power: Despite Trump Administration Effort, could California’s plan help other states remain on track to reduce emissions and hurt manufacturers who oppose it?

The Clean Air Act (“CAA”) of 1963 allows for any State which had adopted emission standards for new motor vehicles, prior to the enactment of the CAA, to seek a waiver from the Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) of the federal new motor vehicle emissions standard, as long as the State’s standards were “at least as

IoT is Watching, Always Watching: Data Privacy and the Internet of Things

By now, most people have heard the term Internet of Things, or IoT, and even more have used IoT devices, whether they’re aware of it or not. But what exactly is IoT? IoT refers to devices connected to the internet that allows data to be collected and exchanged. The ability to connect the IoT device

“Don’t You Be My Neighbor:” Jersey City Votes against AirBnB

Short term rental laws are no new concept, however apps such as Airbnb have presented recent and numerous questions for lawmakers and citizens alike. Should the government regulate an individual’s right to own and use their property as they see fit, or should reasonable regulation pertaining to zoning and safety be put in place? And

Upcoming 2nd Circuit En Banc Appeal Scares E-Commerce Giants

            Almost everyone has bought something online that didn’t turn out to function like we had hoped: a pair of headphones that fell apart in three days, a book stand that turned out to be cumbersome and flimsy, or a crockpot that lasted only 3 batches of chili. Often, we simply take the loss and

SCOTUS to Determine if “.com” Allows Generic Terms to Be Trademarked

      On Friday, November 8th, the Supreme Court of the United States granted certiorari to hear a case arising out of the Fourth Circuit. The case involves the trademarking of the namesake of the popular travel website, and is aptly named United States Patent and Trademark Office v. B.V.. The case is likely

Amazon Alexa: The Privacy Concerns When Technology Must Understand Human Needs

            In the growing age of technology, companies have to continuously adapt their devices to meet consumers’ needs and expectations. Consumers access Amazon Alexa when they purchase Amazon products such as the Echo or Echo Dot. Alexa is to Amazon what comparatively Siri is to Apple. While Alexa is capable of answering human demands and