Maintaining Their Own Online Reputation: Yelp v. Revleap

Overview Yelp, one of the largest websites for online crowd-sourced reviews of businesses and restaurants, is suing an online reputation company, Revleap (also operating as Yelpdirector and Revpley), alleging trademark infringement, unfair competition, cybersquatting, contract interference, along with state-level claims, including false advertising. Background Yelp has been a controversial company among many business owners. On

drone flight

The Future of Commercial Drone Use in the United States

Sometimes Amazon Prime’s two day shipping just isn’t fast enough. Have you ever ordered something from the Internet, and wished that it would just appear at your doorstep? Well, that day could happen sooner than you think. Recently the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) proposed rules to regulate drone use. So how does drone use affect


23andMe gets FDA Approval to Market Genetic Test for Bloom’s Syndrome

On February 19, the FDA permitted the marketing of 23andMe’s direct-to-consumer genetic carrier test for Bloom Syndrome. 23andMe is a genetic testing company based in Silicon Valley and backed by Google. This development is exciting for 23andMe because the company was banned from marketing its Personal Genome Service after a 2013 warning letter halted the


Martian Law: The Next Great Space Adventure

If you are unfamiliar with the Dutch non-profit Mars One, then the first line of their mission statement should tell you all that you need to know to become more interested. “It is Mars One’s goal to establish a human settlement on Mars.” Last week the group announced its final selection of 100 candidates, who


Tesla Motor’s Government Income

Tesla Motors has been in the foreground of the auto industry in recent years due to its innovative all-electric cars. Many commentators exclaim these cars to be the future of automobiles. Currently, the company offers two models for purchase, but hopes to create more in order to bring Tesla more into the mainstream. Elon Musk,


Privacy and security concerns related to the “Superfish” scandal

Last week, news of Lenovo’s “Superfish” scandal hit the headlines, and many believe this could be one of the biggest mistakes any established tech company could make. From September 2014 to December 2014, Lenovo included this Superfish software, and many are outraged, claiming Superfish makes the computer user more vulnerable to security threats. Lenovo’s popularity

Left Shark

Left Shark Lawsuit: Copyright Ownership of Super Bowl XLIX’s True MVP

The Super Bowl is popular for a variety of reasons – football, commercials, and the halftime show. What was most talked about after this year’s halftime show may not have been Missy Elliott’s surprise appearance, but Katy Perry’s fantastically awkward, uncoordinated, backup-dancing shark. “Left Shark” became nothing short of an overnight sensation. It was instantly

Social Media

The Fall of the Fourth: The Evisceration of the Fourth Amendment by Social Media Searches

The collection of evidence by police from suspect’s social media accounts is unchartered waters for the Fourth Amendment. Because the internet isn’t a physical place, the boundaries of what constitutes a “search” are hard to find. While the admissibility of social media evidence has been settled through various rules for authentication, the constitutionality of the


In the wake of Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson, Missouri, the conflicting accounts that emerged as well as the grand jury’s decision not to indict Officer Wilson rose to the level of nationwide protests. In particular, the differing accounts of Michael Brown’s death prompted demands for police accountability and transparency—people wanted police body cameras. President