Board of Advisors

Board of Advisors (name, workplace, affiliation)

Cassie Anderson—U.S. Patent Trade Office; N.C. JOLT Editor-in-Chief, Vol. 12

Holly Bannerman Schneider Boerema PLLC; N.C.JOLT Editor-in-Chief,Vol. 15

Andrew Chin — Associate Professor of Law, UNC School of Law

Aaron R. Harmon — Clinical Assistant Professor, Qatar University College of Law, Doha-Qatar; N.C. JOLT Editor-in-Chief, Vol.8; N.C. JOLT Faculty Advisor

Anne Klinefelter — Associate Professor of Law and Director of the Law Library, UNC School of Law; N.C. JOLT Faculty Advisor

Justin Mann — GlaxoSmithKline; N.C. JOLT Managing Editor, Vol.15

Gero McCellan — Patterson + Sheridan, LLP

Mary U. Musacchia — Mary U. Musacchia, PLLC; Original Board Member

Andrew Salek-Raham — Groom Law Group; N.C. JOLT Editor-in-Chief, Vol.14

Randy Whitmeyer — Whitmeyer Tuffin PLLC; N.C. JOLT Board Member

Kim Wierzel — Patterson + Sheridan, LLP

Alan E. Wrobel — Managing Attorney, SAS Institute Inc; Original Board Member